Episode 69 – Sex Lions

Actor, comedian, improviser and all around chill guy Andrew Barber joins the podcast to talk about:
Skiing in Whistler, the ski cart nausea, learning to be a hockey goalie, bands cause hearing problems, Ladner’s smell, The ABC restaurant, Boston Greg, Owen Wilson wowing people with weird meetups, screaming like Goku, head bumps get Tim uncontrollably angry, HBDing your friends for birthdays, driving slow in the left lane, helping Bill Gates get into car trouble, breathing exhaust fumes, being a vegetarian because cows use a lot of water, Barbara Streisand eats dogs, puppy day, cats kill people, black people twitter, sex lions, Telus Story Hive, Michelle’s – a Canadian Soap Opera, bathroom champagne, Shanghai Noodle Burger, Granville Strip’s smell, white people being shitty, Vancouver Theater Sports and a guy named Andrew Barber

Barber is producing the show Michelle’s – A Canadian Soap Opera which you can watch the pilot for on YouTube

You can follow Andrew on instagram, YouTube and check him out at Vancouver Theatre Sports League.

Some of the Boy’s favourite sketches are talked about more in Episode 31 – The Angry Boys Podcast

Podcast lrg 750c3b7ac685198f18b69ccefe86ad7d86b05d429ef8c6b5af3ded77d6195aa1Listen to Stitcher

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