Episode 74 – Yeast Van Hop Circuit

Lucas did the Hop Circuit, a self guided brewery crawl in East Vancouver. It’s hosted by Yeast Van which is a co-op of breweries that all reside in the area.

Lucas spoke with people from Postmark, Storm Brewing, Powell Brewing, Doans Brewing and Luppolo.
Learn some new things about some of Vancouver’s up and coming breweries as well as some that have been around for decades

Listen to the full episode here:

What’s in the Episode?

Yeast Van

Yeast Van were the organizers or hosts of the Hop Circuit and allowed this great episode to happen! Check them out on facebook twitter and instagram


The first stop on the brewery crawl as Postmark. Lucas met with Ksenia and Dominic for a quick fireside chat


Stop 2 was at the small space on Commerical drive inhabited by James from Storm Brewing.


A quick jaunt down the road to Powell Brewery to meet with Chris, Aslan and David!

Doan's Brewing Logo

Star Wars is never far from the Wonder Boys and from Evan either who was the next brew master on the line up from Doans Brewing!


Final stop on the tour took me to the Italians and their takes on the hoppy beverage we seem to enjoy so much.

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