Tim and Lucas started the Wonder Boys Podcast so that they could share their knowledge about nothing with the world.
Its incredible how much bullshit actually gets spread in the media today and the Boys are no different. Offering a guide to things they know nothing about you can often find the following topics discussed in each episode:

  • Rage Cage – Tim will discuss the traffic and Lucas will discuss people. In the end a fit of rage ensues
  • Star Wars – the podcast should have been called the “average users guide to Star Wars in the Modern Era” but that name was already taken
  • Movies – There aren’t many movies that Lucas doesn’t like but Tim seems to have an opinion on them all.

They have also received some amazing feedback from listeners:

My eyes hurt after listening to them for more than 10 minutes – Elon Musk

What utter crap, I don’t know how they think their “shit don’t stank” – Forbes

This is why we can’t have nice things – An old lady who died listening to an episode

Meet the Team

Tim – The Handsome One

18558750_10211066400189393_8499494918819281992_oThe whole idea was Tim’s and if it wasn’t for him we would just be ranting at one another and not capturing that magic on the microphones we do today. His background is in radio production and that means he can use hotkeys in Adobe Audition faster than you.
Currently he works as a Tour Guide for LandSea Tours in Vancouver and makes people laugh on a day to day basis doing it.

Lucas – The Idiot Son


Just along for the ride because Tim needed someone to bounce his charisma off. He tried to put more effort in to the podcast at one point but Tim got annoyed at that so he never really got to shine.
Nowadays he spends his days roaming around the streets of London looking for a way to disappoint people while constantly boasting about how much he loves craft beer and hipster coffee. He doesn’t have a job at the moment.

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